Hi. If you’re here, you’re probably interested in hiring me. I’d like to convince you to do that.

I have a B.S. in Public Relations where all of my course work was writing intensive. I took marketing and design courses for my extracurriculars, which has brought me where I am today. 

I’m currently a social media manager and customer success agent at a digital marketing agency that focuses on growing e-commerce businesses on Shopify. 

I’m also a blooming freelance web designer and copy writer. I love to create and design seamless attractive websites in my free time. My goal is to work with businesses to move their retail stores online and  build selling portfolios for professionals. Of course, all of my projects include a great deal of copy writing.

I can talk about what I do all day…. but I’d rather show you. 

Take a look around to see if I’d be the right fit for your project or opportunity.